Crisis Communication Management

How to Have a Plan for the Unexpected

One of the toughest blows for a business to manage is the PR crisis. More often than not, it’s the cannonball that has the power to sink the ship.

Unlike a real courtroom, the court of public opinion has no rules of evidence, few legal restrictions on what can be published or aired, and no time limit for the end of the ordeal. What’s more, “no comment” rarely does anything more than make the media more dogged in its pursuit of the story.

The main problem with most scandals is that they usually break without warning, forcing executives to scramble for help in the midst of a scandal, when the right assistance may not be available in time. The problem is, few companies plan for a crisis, but rather, they just react to it. The best solution is to have a plan in place just in case, and that’s just what Ignition Branding offers.

Our Crisis Management Protection Plan starts with a meeting with a company’s senior management to run a mock damage control exercise which enables us to identify a company’s key audiences and potential liabilities. We then design a custom communications plan that we deliver to our clients to sit in a drawer until such time when it is needed. That way, when the unexpected occurs, we can immediately address all the issues of the crisis and not lose a minute of time ramping up to meet the challenges.

If you believe your company could benefit from our Crisis Management Protection Plan, give us a call and find out more. In strategic marketing, a little peace of mind can go a long way.