Communications Strategy Process


If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”

— Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Ready, fire, aim is the typical process for many marketing exercises. At Ignition Branding, we prefer to get a better bead on the target before we pull the trigger.

That’s why we have created a process for our client engagements that guides our minds and ideas in such a manner that we have as much knowledge — if not more — about your enterprise and its goals as you do. Too many times, executives get caught with their eyes so close to the canvas, they cannot see the big picture. Our process revolves around discovering that big picture from the inside out, and then structuring strategies and tactics specifically designed to achieve your company’s goals.

The process below is our roadmap. We understand that not all journeys follow the same path, so we are flexible enough to deviate when needed while remaining committed to the process in general. At the end of the exercise, companies want results, but they won’t get them if they lack key data, base decisions on false assumptions or fail to connect with their key audiences. The Ignition Branding Process was crafted not only to help our clients avoid pitfalls, but also to meet — and sometimes beat — a company’s marketing objectives.

Communications Strategy Processpic3