Content-Based PR


“The Internet will make every enterprise a publisher.”

— Steve Case, Founder and former CEO of AOL

If your goal is to get your name in the media, and you find yourself hitting your head against a brick wall with sending out press releases that never generate a response, perhaps it’s time to try something different. Logic dictates that if what you’re doing isn’t working, change what you’re doing.

At Ignition, we have a solution called Content-Based Guaranteed PR, and it delivers to the media what it really wants — content.

The New York Times family of news outlets, which has laid off hundreds of workers over the last 5 years, receives thousands of press releases each day. Do you think anyone is actually reading them? If they’ve given up the ghost, how well do you think your local daily newspaper is faring, with some major dailies scrapping their print version completely in favor of an online-only product? According to statistics on Cision, one of the largest media databases in the business, the number of media contacts in the U.S. has dwindled from more than 500,000 five years ago to only 292,000 in 2012. That means there are fewer people actually running the media today, and they are responsible for generating more content than ever before.

Think about it. There are fewer media contacts, despite a thirst for more coverage of, well, everything. So what do they need? Content. And if you can provide it for free, in a fashion that is compatible with their publications and Web sites, they may run it.

Here’s how it works. One of our former journalists interviews you as if he were a reporter for a news organization. In that interview, he extracts tips, advice or trend information based on your expertise in your field. He will then write a 500 to 700 word article in third-person Associated Press style that is not overtly commercial and is compatible with what news organizations would run. After obtaining client approval on the piece, we then circulate it to anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 media contacts, depending on subject matter and category.

As the placements come in, we’ll track them and circulate them to you, so you can maximize their reach by linking them through your social media and business networking profiles. Further, we will circulate it a second time at no charge if we do not receive the response we anticipated to the initial blast. We don’t stop working until the job is done. If you think this approach might work for you, give us a call to receive your free phone consultation to find out more about how content is changing the face of PR.