Does Your Web Site Make You Money?

Websites are Marketing Campaigns, Not Technology Projects

Your Website Is The First Contact For Customers

“The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years. Someone said ‘‘It’s the biggest thing since Gutenberg,’ and then someone else said ‘No, it’s the biggest thing since the invention of writing. ”

Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation CEO

 One of the most prevalent fallacies about Web sites is that they should be created and managed by Web developers.

It seems logical, like a mechanic working on your car, but the primary disconnect is that Web sites are not technology projects — they are marketing projects, and as such, should be guided and managed by marketers and not technologists.

This is probably why many Web sites underperform in the function of being the conduit for business and sales, because they are built from the perspective of features offered, as opposed to benefits for the company. What does it matter that a site has video capabilities if the videos being shown do nothing to generate revenue? The primary driver of Web site development must be how it achieves marketing goals, and how it engages users and moves them to make the buy decision.

That’s why Ignition Branding’s Web development process is more effective than simply hiring a Web developer — because we focus on your Web site as a marketing tool and not as a piece of interactive software. Your Web site is typically the first contact you will have with potential customers, so it is paramount that your site effectively captures their attentionand motivates them to act.

If you want to develop a Web site or simply recharge an existing one that isn’t doing the job, your first call should not be to a technologist, but rather, to a marketer who understands how to ignite the power of the Internet for your business.