What Can LinkedIn Do For Your Brand?

More than a Networking & Job-Seeking Site, it's a Search Engine


“The richest people in the world look for and build networks,
everyone else looks for work.”
— Robert Kiyosaki, financial literacy advocate

LinkedIn’s audience is unrivaled in quality, with the highest percentage of affluent, educated, business decision-makers in all leading business and social media platforms.

Over 175 million users, including executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies turn to LinkedIn for trusted information and insights, making it an extremely credible platform for brand marketing.

By capitalizing on data-rich profiles, you have extraordinary targeting options so your message connects with your precise audience.



Are you using LinkedIn, the world’s largest networking site online, to grow your business every day? Or are you like many professionals who shy away from LinkedIn thinking its too complicated, or only for job-seekers?

Ignition Branding’s Social Media Consultant Dan Sherman will remove all the mystery from LinkedIn in these special on-site consultations with you and your team. He will show you that LinkedIn is NOT just a site for job-seekers, but a Search Engine For People that will help you engage and sell to more customers than you ever imagined.

SESSION 1: Extreme LinkedIn Profile Makeover and Company Page Setup

  • Turn your profile into an exciting, benefit-oriented mini-website that sells for you
  • Optimize your profile with keywords so that clients seek you out
  • Add marketing materials in the form of videos and downloadable case studies to provide proof and presell your prospects
  • Create a company page that pulls in customers and builds your brand
  • Includes one profile makeover and one company page

SESSION 2: Master the Art of Prospecting and Selling on LinkedIn

  • Expand your network into the thousands fast so that you have access to more opportunities
  • Use the advanced search techniques to pinpoint your perfect customers, and learn how to engage and sell to them
  • Use the Group feature to strategically position yourself among your best customers, and then market to them effectively
  • Build your own group and use it as a powerful marketing tool


LinkedIn Dan ShermanASK AN EXPERT


Each session lasts two hours, and is conducted at your office for your team by Dan Sherman, internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert and author of “Maximum Success with LinkedIn.”